Facebook and NRA on Same Page Concerning Gun Changes

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Under pressure to ban gun related fan pages from groups like Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action, Facebook announced it’s now taking a moreKids-with-Guns proactive stance to notify and educate its users about federal and state gun laws. These anti- gun groups claim that children and adults are making illegal firearms purchases through Facebook, and then point to cases like a 15- year old Kentucky high school student that was arrested after he brought a loaded handgun onto campus. An Ohio man was also arrested for selling the teen a handgun, which was arranged and purchased through Facebook. Federal law enforcement routinely scan Facebook and other social media outlets for unlawful gun purchases.

NRARather than shutting down the discussion over Second Amendment gun issues on its social media platforms, Facebook will send messages to users reminding them to comply with federal and state laws anytime they receive a report about a post promoting the private sale of commonly regulated items. Furthermore, Facebook will also require Pages that promote the private sale of regulated goods or services to include language that clearly reminds users to comply with such laws and regulations. The NRA claims victory over the Facebook announcement stating they enjoy 150- times the support of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, while Bloomberg’s organization said that more needs to be done and vows it’s not over.

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