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Securing Your Guns, Part 2

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Securing Your Guns, Part 2 In Part 1, we examined Houston’s Stolen Gun Database and minimizing the possibility of having a gun stolen from our homes. The focus of Part 2 will be to examine the second most likely place to have a gun stolen, and that’s from a vehicle. Since there’s a roughly 90% chance a firearm will be either stolen from a vehicle or home, I’m not going …

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Securing Your Guns, Part 1

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Securing Your Guns The Houston Chronicle recently reported that there has been at least 32,000 guns stolen in the city of Houston over an 8- year period. With only seven percent ever recovered, this is reason for concern for every gun owner. Here is a link to the original article, which includes the Stolen Gun Database: Stolen-Guns-Database. Absent from the Chronicle’s article is any metadata breaking down reported incidences …