Welcome to GUN-U. This site is dedicated to shooters everywhere.

GUN-U is an online customer service resource created by Champion Firearms to help educate and inform our customers. Our objective with GUN-U is to provide helpful knowledge based information through educational tools like reviews, discussion and demonstration videos. Champion Firearms is located in College Station, Texas. As a gun store and indoor shooting range, we’re in a unique position to help identify and address the many challenges that shooters face every day. Through GUN-U, our mission is to offer non- biased solutions and provide practical firearms related information that our customers can actually use.

GUN-U does not accept advertising, kick-backs or payments to publish the information contained on this site.  At Champion Firearms, GUN-U is our way of saying thanks and giving back to the community. Over the years, we have been blessed by many great customers and as a result, this blog is GUN’s for U.

Mike Stulce
Senior Editor