Chinese Knife Attack

Mass Stabbing Leaves 33 Dead, 130 Injured in China

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Knife wielding terrorists dressed in similar black clothing attacked and killed 29 people, while injuring another 130 at a railway station in the capital of China’s Yunnan Province. Authorities said four of the ten attackers were shot dead, and four police officers were also injured in the massacre. Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for “all-out efforts” in the investigation and for the attackers to be punished “in accordance with the law”, the official news agency Xinhua said.ChampionFirearmsBlog Kunming Masacre 2

Senseless killings like these are difficult to understand. It takes a truly savage mindset to brutally kill so many helpless, innocent human beings. What’s even more disturbing is the fact that this was not the action of someone who was simply insane or just snapped, but the organized and planned coordinated efforts of a group of men and women intent on committing mass murder. It’s sad to think many lives could have been saved if law abiding citizens at this Chinese train station were allowed to be legally armed. My intention here is not to politicize the tragedy in Yunnan, but point out this should be a sobering reminder that we should never take our freedoms for granted here in this country. This should serve as a lesson for all Americans to continue press for our gun rights.ChampionFirearmsBlog Kunming Masacre

Tragedies like these prove that you can take away all the guns and ultimately, criminals will continue to commit mass murder. What’s next, do we ban all the knives? Years ago, my wife and I sat down and had diner with one of the largest Japanese knife manufacturers at a hibachi at a Las Vegas Benihana’s during the annual Shot Show. He told us that in his home country, they had actually considered such drastic actions as banning knives to curb crime rates. In another nation that also heavily restricts civilian firearms ownership, England reports a knife attack every four minutes, with 22,000 serious attacks occurring annually. After all the knives are gone, then what do we, outlaw blunt objects? According to FBI’s vital crime statistics, twice as many Americans are bludgeoned to death and four times as many are beaten to death (hands, fists or feet) than are killed by rifles, not all of which could be labeled as so- called “assault rifles”. The bottom line is it took men armed with guns in China to finally stop the slaughter. Hopefully, every peace loving, law abiding, armed citizens here in the U.S. will stand up and takes notice.

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